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The event which took place on the 11th May 2017 at Abuko Livestock Show Ground was attended by Vegetable producers, food processors and Field Extension Workers, Staff of the Ministry of Agriculture, projects, media and partners from both private and the public sector.The Objective of the event were:

  1. To strengthen multi-stakeholder partnership and participation in order to promote horticultural sector development through public/private partnership.
  2. To showcase beneficiary participation in horticulture through value chain approach
  3. To motivate farmers in year round quality vegetable production by making horticulture a business
  4. To motivate extension workers to show interest and devotion to the services of vegetable producers.

The event was chaired by Mr. Lamin Darboe, Deputy Director of Administration, Department of Agriculture (DoA) and was grazed by the Honourable Minister, Omar A Jallow.

Mr Darboe in his introductory remarks said it was a privilage for him to preside over the occasion adding that event is a tradition for showcasing and promoting horticultural production in the The Gambia.

The Lord Mayor of KMC, Mr. Yankuba Colley, in his welcoming remarks thanked the new Minister, Omar Jallow for his appointment. He said, the purpose of the Show was to showcase what the women farmers are doing in the socioeconomic development of the Gambia through horticultural production. Mayor Colley noted that horticultural development is a priority area for the Government  and is critical for employment generation, agro-industrial development and export diversification.

Mr. Bakary Jammeh speaking on behalf of the Nema project Director informed participants that the Nema project has 3 components including the Watershed Development. Under this, the Project constructs access roads, bridges and dykes to facilitate access to rice fieds and prevents salt intrusion to improve rice productivity and production in the Gambia. The project also engages in upland development by constructing contour bunds and gully plugs to address erosion to increase upland production. They will construct 18 vegetable gardens and formed several producer cooperatives adding that their objective is to make sure that “production from the farm up to the table is of quality”.                                                                                                                                                               

The Director General of Agriculture, Mr Falao Touray in his remarks applauded the resumption of the National Horticultural Show noting that it  was one time a practice in Agriculture but abandoned due to circustances beyond control.

The objective, Director Touray said was to bring farmers together for showcasing their produce and sharing experience for knowledge dissemination. He noted that horticulture is a venture that is out to help women and the poor to earn income and  healthy consumption. Touray assured that his Department will not stop at production but will continue the the value chain to consumptions. They will also establish cold storages to take care of perishable horticultural produce and also The Food Technology Services will help farmers in transforming the horticultural produce by adding value in a manner that will not only be conducive  and acceptable to consumers but help farmers earn much money.

The Honourable Minister in declaring the Show opened on behalf of the Government extended his heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to the participants for making the 2017 Show a possibility by bringing their produces and products.

Their efforts enable the Gambia not only feed herself or produce enough for export but improve the life of all. He expressed the significance of the Show noting that it provides opportunities for farmers, traders, processors and other services providers in the Agricultural sector to exchange valuable technologies and business links. He encouraged farmers to take advantage of this Show to learn new technologies and build lasting bridges for increasing agricultural productivity and income generation.

Minister Jallow noted that the Theme of the Show: enhancing technology in the horticultural industry for food and nutrition security and national growth resonates very well with the spirit of transforming the country into a rapidly industrialized middle income nation as envisaged in the economic development plan; Gambia vision 2020.  “Our drive to transform horticulture into a profitable economic sector capable of attracting private sector investment  and providing gainful employment not only for the women but for the young people, food and nutrition security as in line with the present Government priorities. This transformation calls for fundamental reforms to enable farmers and other actors in this sector to transmit smoothly from subsistence production to make market oriented ventures through adoption and use of modern technologies and business practices.

Madam Aja Mai Bojang expressed delight to the organizers and the farmers, adding that the Show was intended to make women recognised and be helpful to one another.

She concluded by appealing to the Department of Agriculture for a continuity of the show




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